Be a coffee bean



I recently listened to an awesome Ed Mylett podcast where he was talking about how people respond to stress, and sharing an analogy which I loved.


Some things turn soft in boiling water, like a carrot.


Other things get harder when boiled, like eggs.


But a coffee bean transforms the water into something new, it changes its surroundings and becomes something desired.


Reflect on some of the people in your life.


Who has let the water (their challenging experiences) make them soft?


Who has built up a wall and become harder?


And who do you know who uses their tough experiences to facilitate change, not just for themselves but for others too by sharing their story?


Which one are you?


Change your inner world to change your outer world.


Be a coffee bean.


You can check out the podcast here.


Want some help bringing forth your inner coffee bean?


Drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


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