Lennox’s Chicken Nugget Of Wisdom #3 – How To Meditate


Recently my step son Lennox has been making some video’s for my coaching page, teaching us things. Here is his third video on how to meditate 🙂


Hi everyone and today we’re gunna learn how to meditate. You all know I’m Lennox, 8 years old, and chicken nugget of wisdom 3.


Let’s start now.


How to meditate: you get your legs and cross them, and then put your fingers like this, close your eyes, breathe in deeply, pretend there’s a nice white light coming in from the top and going down from your feet into the core of the Earth and spreading everywhere.


Like that.


And you can imaginate whatever you want and it will happen.


And why you want to do it? Because it makes you stop worrying about all the bad stuff. Pretend that this is the force field and this is the love, it can go in and out, but this is the bad stuff – it can’t go through.


And so all the bad juju goes away and good juju comes.


And definitely meditating helps a lot, stops you worrying about everything, stops you worrying about everything in your heart and in your brain.


See you next time on the chicken nugget of wisdom 4.


See ya!


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