Why we sabotage ourselves when things are going well


Do you ever feel like you are getting in your own way? Like you’ll be in a good place in your life, reaching for your goals, and then the shit hits the fan?

We all do this occasionally, and some do it repeatedly. We sabotage ourselves because our fears get in the way, and we want to rescue ourselves from these fears and negative feelings that come up.

We do a number of different sabotaging behaviours, and some will be a repeated pattern in our lives.

Do you find yourself doing any of the following:

– working hard towards paying off your debts/saving money, then get hit by a big unexpected expense, or bail someone else out of their own money trouble?

– you have important things to do to move you towards your goals, but procrastinate and just can’t seem to get yourself started?

– avoidant behaviours like using drink or drugs?

– comfort eating

We often find our inner saboteur pops out to say hello when things are going good. Why would we do that? It’s because when things are going well there can be a feeling of it being too good to be true, and our limiting beliefs start making an appearance with thoughts like “do I really deserve this?” or “this won’t last.”

So to counteract this there are a few things you can do. You need to stay focused on the good things that are happening, and show gratitude for those things. Law of Attraction 101 – what you focus on is what you get more of. When you find those limiting thoughts popping up, try something simple to shift it, like Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping on various acupressure points on the body while repeating a statement, which shifts the energy of the statement from your body) which is super simple and easy to learn. Just search on YouTube for EFT and a video will take you through what to do.

You can also create a positive affirmation so that whenever you think a negative thought, you can “erase” and “replace” with the positive thought. It is useful to do EFT  or other energy work like kinesiology alongside this to make sure you actually get rid of the negative energy from your body.

It’s also just really useful to start becoming aware of your own personal brand of sabotage. For example, I used to have a limiting belief that you have to work really hard for your money and even then you can lose it all again anyway – something that stemmed from watching my folks works their asses off and then go into administration with their business, coming close to losing it all. This repeated in my own life by getting great at manifesting – but then I would step into a rescuer role and pay other people’s bills instead of saving the money for myself, so I would go into debt.

Do some reflecting over the next few days on what your sabotaging behaviour is in your own life – the first step is awareness – then have a think about what you can do about it.

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Til next time!


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