Big exciting news for you amazing legends! 🤩


Maybe you’ve been feeling a little (or a lot!) stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, like a shell of your former self and unsure what action to take next? 🥹

Have you ever looked back at a moment in time and KNOWN it was the moment your entire life changed?

Well, consider this a sign that change is well and truly on the way. 


I know. It’s a fucking big promise, but stay with me, because I never offer something I can’t deliver on.  

Dedicate 1 minute to reading this post so that change doesn’t pass you by. 


Back in 2010, I was depressed, feeling stuck, lost, in limbo, and a complete shell of myself. 🫥


Without giving you my long winded story the gist is this: 

After years of dealing with other people’s mental health issues, abusive relationships with narcissists, putting myself last, having shit boundaries and not loving or respecting myself, I fell into a heap of depression, burnout and chronic pain.. 😭


I was far from happy, felt lethargic and unmotivated, and felt like a fraud. 


I did everything I could to try and feel better but I felt all it was doing was stopping me from losing my shit completely. 

I was on the verge of giving up. 😥

If you looked from the outside, you may have thought I was doing well, but the truth is I was hanging on by my fingernails. 

And then… I started finding breadcrumbs that finally helped me drag myself out of the mud. 

Over the next few months and years, I learned a series of tools that led me back to my true self. 🥰

A version of me that is so much better than the person I was even before I fell into a heap. 

I started to put these tools and strategies into a sequence that made sense, and started sharing it with my coaching and healing clients. ❤️‍🩹 

I realised I’d discovered a formula that can guide people out of that dark and nasty hole that I was in and that a lot of people I found myself supporting were in too. 

I’m SO glad I did. 

Finding this formula and fully committing to my own transformation has meant that I now get the pleasure and fulfillment of being the light in a dark place for many others. 💡 


Because I committed to my transformation, every single area of my life has completely changed:

  • From broke ($53k in debt with my house in mortgage collections) to more financial freedom, my own house and savings in the bank 🏦 
  • From abusive relationships to finding the love of my life who is the most caring and supportive man I’ve ever met 😍
  • From abusing and disrespecting my body to living a healthy life 🏋🏼‍♀️ 
  • From living in London, wishing I lived in the sunshine to being a citizen of Australia 🇦🇺 
  • From depression to happiness 🥰
  • From waking up and wishing I hadn’t, to bouncing out of bed because I love my life ❤️ 


But let’s be real – this wasn’t an overnight thing. 

There was no magic pill, no silver bullet. 💊 

I didn’t just sit there and wish it all into existence. 




I got obsessed with diving even deeper into personal development and healing tools, signed up for as many trainings, courses and mentorships as I could get my hands on and spent $$$$$$ trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together until I created my own step by step formula. 

And the proof I’d taken the right steps was (and still is) in the results! 🫶🏻

For the first time ever, I was free of the baggage that had been holding me back and moving towards creating my dream life.  

I’d freed myself. 🆓 

If you haven’t felt that moment of freedom when the weight lifts off your shoulders… just wait. 

It’s coming and it’s SO. FUCKING. AMAZING. 


These days, I’m truly happy, in a loving and supportive relationship with an incredible man, have amazing friends and family in my life, am doing fulfilling work I love and I am SO. FUCKING. EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE!


All because of that hard graft and inspired action I took back then. 

So here’s the dealio: I want to share the big lessons I learned during that time with a few select people. 

Those who are truly ready to embrace a new way and devote themselves to forging a new life. ☺️

For those who are ready and committed to doing the work, I’ve been working on something awesome behind the scenes that’ll mean you don’t have to waste years on struggle street like I did. 

You’ll be able to fast track straight to the good bit.

Sound good? 👍🏼 

The problem I’m having is this: 

The work I do is deeply supportive and fundamentally life changing. 

As a result I can only open up to a few select people at a time.

This is only available to 20 people for this live round and 6 spots are already gone!!

When you understand how much of my personal time and money I have (and will continue to be) investing into providing this hugely transformational experience, you’ll truly understand its value.


So, what are the next steps?!

If you’re interested to hear more, type the word, READY in the comments. 👏🏼 

I’ll personally send you a private message so we can book in a quick call where I’ll share all the details with you and we can decide whether or not we’re a good fit.

These calls are on a first come, first serve basis, and like I said, I’m keeping this open for only a few motivated peeps. 🤩

Anyone who comments, READY will get first dibs!

But the doors won’t stay open forever. You’ll have only until Saturday 25 May to decide whether or not you’re ready for the next level.

After that, you’ll have missed your chance!


So to get more details right away, do these 2 things:

  1. Type READY in the comments




  1. Keep an eye on your Messenger inbox for a message from me so we can arrange a time to chat. (If you don’t see it, check your ‘message request’ folder!)


Now’s your chance! 🥳

I so fucking want this for you, because I know it will change your life!

You’ll see for yourself soon enough…

Catcha on the flip side,



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