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She’s the darkness most of us fear

  As I neared my 40th birthday earlier this year, I wanted to mark the occasion and get another tattoo.   I really wanted this one to mean something, unlike the ink I got when I was 17 and 21.   My first 40 years of life have been pretty incredible and full of experiences both amazing and disturbing, but all of them leading to transformation, growth, transmutation.   I love the mythology of the Phoenix burning and being reborn,…

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Are you aware of your own bullshit?

Personal development is a never ending journey; we’re all a work in progress, but the journey is so worth it.   The first step of change is becoming aware of your own bullshit; once you get tired of your own story, that’s when the biggest transformation happens.   How do you know you’re living in a bullshit story?    You keep playing small in life by not going for what you really what  You’re not speaking your truth  You’re afraid…

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Next year will be different? Not unless you change yourself.

  What a year 2020 has been. It certainly gave the entire world a shake up. It’s caused many of us to question a lot of things in our lives. Are we in the right job? The right relationship? The right country? Many people have left their careers, whether it was forced or because they didn’t want to delay a career change any further. Many relationships have broken down in the face of lockdown. One thing is certain; it’s been…

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