Sometimes we don’t need advice. Sometimes we just need to know we’re not the only one.


Have you ever gone through a challenging time in life and felt completely alone?


Like you were the only one in the world going through something like this?


Like nobody would understand?


You don’t talk to anyone about what you’re going through as you’re worried they’ll judge you.


When we’re going through crisis and chaos in our lives, we can feel isolated and alone.


But when we come out the other side and share our story, isn’t it amazing how many others understand what you’ve gone through?


When I share stories from my past, I get so many messages to say “me too – I felt like I was the only one.”


It’s so empowering being able to share my darkest times in life and to feel understood, accepted and supported.


When I was going through those times I often felt alone and scared, like nobody would understand.


There were times where I had no idea how to say what was on my mind or what was happening in my life.


The moments where I did feel understood and supported were the times that got me through things I wasn’t sure I’d get through at the time.


Those moments where the last thing I wanted or needed was to be given advice I didn’t ask for.


Where all I needed was for someone to just sit with me, be there, holding the space for me.


And in the moments where I knew I wasn’t the only one, I also knew there were others that had made it through similar situations.


And if they had, I could too.


Whatever it is you’re going through right now, please know you’re not the only one.


There’s always someone that’s been through something similar.


Reach out to someone, anyone who can hold space for you.


Find support groups or mentors, people who’ve come out the other side who can support you.


If you can’t think of anyone to reach out to, reach out to me.


You’ve got this.


I believe in you.


Catcha on the flip side – trust me, there is a flip side.







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