What’s really holding you back?

When I’m coaching a client, I always ask “what’s really holding you back?”

The only true answer, is that YOU are the one holding you back.

Is there something you want to be/do/have that excites you but also scares the shit out of you?

That mixture of scary excited usually means it’s the right thing to do. The fear can hold us back, and it’s our job to crush it by any means possible.

If I’d let that fear get to me I wouldn’t have moved from London to Australia, I wouldn’t have moved from Sydney to Perth to be with the love of my life, I wouldn’t have built my dream house by the ocean and I definitely wouldn’t have quit a stable well paid job to run my biz full time.

Fuck that. I crushed the fear. In your face fear!!

YOU are the only one standing in your way. Stop making excuses. If you’re too scared to it alone, hire a coach. That’s what we are here for 🙂

Crush it.

Are you ready to stop struggling through life? Are you sick of feeling like you’re stuck in survival mode? Come and join my other members who are also on their journey From Surviving To Thriving.

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