How would you describe your relationship with money?

I posted the above question on my socials recently and got responses like “fickle”, “abominable” and “complicated.”

Not one person gave me a positive word!


Money is just an energy – it’s not good or bad, it is whatever we perceive it to be.


Imagine if the money in your life was an actual person that you were in a relationship with.


How do you treat your Mr or Mrs Money?


Do you constantly wait for your Money Honey to turn up in your account/wallet, then complain about all the bills they have to pay?


Do you think money is evil?


That rich people are greedy?


Money doesn’t grow on trees?


Easy come, easy go?


Or do you respect your Money Honey, appreciate the time you spend together and nurture it/invest it wisely, to grow your relationship for the better?


Do you appreciate all that your Money Honey brings into your life or do you resent having to share them with others?


Are you in a controlling relationship with your Money Honey?


Do you feel it controls you and you have no power?


What emotions come up for you when you talk about money?


I spent pretty much all of my twenties and most of my thirties in debt.


I wasn’t amazing at saving, I was living beyond my means and back then every guy I dated was terrible with money so I found myself giving everything I had to them.


I was amazing at racking up credit card debt!


The words that came to mind about money back then were “never enough”, “struggling” and “resentful.”


I worked hard over the years to get my shit together with money, listening to money coaches, joining a money bootcamp, learning about crypto, real estate and other ways to invest money.


Back when I was $53,000 in debt with my house in mortgage collections, I was full of anxiety around my Money Honey.


These days I’m bad-debt free with savings, building a second home, with no bad debt and a credit card I pay off every month that I use to earn air miles.


At one point I wrote a “break up letter” to my then shitty relationship with money, opening the door for my new Money Honey to come into my life.


Treat your money like you would your bestest of friends.


Be kind to it, treat it with respect.


Be grateful for how much you have, even if you feel like it’s not as much as you want.


Why would the universe send you more of what you’re not valuing?


When you pay a bill, do it with gratitude.


Be grateful you have the ability to have electricity, gas, internet, running clean water.


Be grateful you earn enough to have to pay taxes.


Pay attention to, and celebrate, every cent that comes your way.


Use the affirmation “I love money, and money loves me”.


Try listening to these affirmations playing in the background and even while you sleep.


Back when I was in a shitty relationship with my Money Honey, I put together a money and abundance playlist on YouTube.


It’s full of EFT (tapping), affirmations and meditations.


Try it yourself (for free) here.


My gift to you.


Love your money, and it’ll love you back 💰


If you feel like you need a hand growing a better relationship with your money, get in touch to see how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the wealthier, financially freer flip side,



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