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How can I overcome feelings of unworthiness around money?

Last week I sent out an email to my peeps asking to get to know them better by them sharing with me what they’re struggling with, and questions they’d like to ask me. One of the questions I got was; “How can I overcome feelings of unworthiness when it comes to money? I am going into business and don’t want to sabotage it before it’s even off the ground! Thank you for your work- it’s because of your support (and…

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Why we sabotage ourselves when things are going well

Do you ever feel like you are getting in your own way? Like you’ll be in a good place in your life, reaching for your goals, and then the shit hits the fan? We all do this occasionally, and some do it repeatedly. We sabotage ourselves because our fears get in the way, and we want to rescue ourselves from these fears and negative feelings that come up. We do a number of different sabotaging behaviours, and some will be…

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