Exciting News! 🤩


EXCITING NEWS! 🤩 Exciting News! 🤩 

I’m excited to have just qualified as a NEUROFIT Certified Trainer.

Nervous system regulation is something I’ve become increasingly aware of over the years, for me personally but also for my clients.

I’m really keen to watch the positive shifts for those I work with as well as for my own life.

Having spent 12 years now living with chronic pain and still healing from the accumulation of years worth of trauma and abusive relationships I’ve become really focused on how the experiences I’ve had in life (as well as the work I do) have led to a chronically dysregulated nervous system.

Neurological fitness is something that I’ll be talking much more about and will be bringing this into my coaching and energy work too.

Neurological fitness changes EVERYTHING.

Keen to find out more?

Comment NEUROFIT 👇🏼 and let’s chat!

Catcha on the flip side,


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