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If you don’t know who Dr Daniel Amen is, check out his work.

He’s a psychiatrist who, when studying, realised his profession is the only profession that deals with the brain that doesn’t even look at the brains of their clients.

I’ve been following his stuff for a while now – he does SPECT scans on people’s brains to show why they’re behaving the way they are or why they’re experiencing certain issues.

He then works with them in a holistic way to heal their brain.

I’ve had a pretty gnarly concussion from a motorbike accident but before following Dr Amen’s work I never considered all the other little knocks or damage to my brain over the years such as:

🧠 being taken out with forceps at birth because my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck

💉 going under general anaesthetic for surgery (yep he says this can lead to brain issues)

🪵 many falls as a kid off bikes or playgrounds hitting my chin/temple/nose/head

😴 fainting and hitting my head on the way down 

🏊 hitting my head on the side of a swimming pool

And probably a few I can’t remember 😂

I do wonder if this made me more susceptible to depression and sleep issues later in life – I don’t think I had issues with sleep like I do now since I had my motorbike accident. 

Brain issues can lead to significant changes in behaviour – there was a Netflix documentary in the last few years if a famous sports star who had many concussions over the years who went on to be convicted of murder and many others who’ve become suicidal. 😥

But there can also be much more subtle issues from smaller knocks to the head that you may not link together.

If you have any issues with sleep, mental health or behavioural issues you may want to check out his work.

Check out this interview here:



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