Are these blocks stopping you from your goal of running a small biz?


A lot of people I know run a small biz these days – sometimes as their only source of income, but often as a hobby biz on the side.


I started my biz in 2006, and it grew very organically along the way initially without the amazing social media we have at our hands today.


Over the years, I’ve coached friends and clients to help them overcome the blocks stopping them from starting, or growing, their small businesses.


Here are some common blocks that keep them stuck or playing small.




A lot of people think you need to have it all worked out to launch your biz, and they get stuck on the small stuff like creating business cards, their logo, pricing etc.


You actually don’t need any of it to get started a lot of the time.


My Reiki biz started with me putting the word out to my friends that I needed guinea pigs to practice on.


From there, they recommended me to their friends, and I started charging.


After a while I set up a DIY website that cost nothing (pre-Facebook), got a mate to design a logo, and kicked it up a notch.


Then I started sending newsletters and writing blogs.


Soon I started teaching, then coaching others.


I followed the breadcrumbs given to me by the Big U and it just kinda grew itself organically at the time.


Things have changed a lot with social media and it’s a lot easier to put the word out – just start by setting up a free Facebook biz page, or just putting up a post on your current page.




When you’re overthinking things, you end up not knowing where to start.


You then end up stuck at procrastination station.


Start with goal setting.


What do you visualise as the big picture for your life?


How does your biz fit in with that?


A lot of peeps start a small biz to give themselves financial freedom and tune freedom, and end up with neither, working round the clock.


It doesn’t need to be that way if you start with the right goals.




Limiting beliefs can paralyse us from moving ahead.


I’ve helped my clients work through limiting beliefs with coaching and energy work and have seen the following common beliefs keeping them stuck;


  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of judgement from others
  • Not thinking they’re good enough
  • They don’t have the time
  • Thinking they need lots of money to get started
  • Fear of being seen


Any of those resonate for you?


They can all be overcome.




One of the best things I ever did for my own biz and life was to surround myself with like minded peeps and hire coaches to help me achieve my dreams.


You don’t need to go it alone.


Often, the people we love can be negative about our dream of running a biz.


“What if it doesn’t work? Most new businesses fail”


“Don’t get your hopes up”


They’re putting their own limiting beliefs and fears on you.


Don’t let the critics get in the way of your success.


Choose to only listen to people who’ve achieved what you want to achieve.


Hire a coach, sign up for courses, read books, watch YouTube videos – do whatever it takes to make it happen.


Want some help?


Drop me a message and let’s chat.


Catcha on the flip side,








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