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Are you open minded enough to see where you’re still close minded?

    Open minded and close minded peeps can act very differently towards life in ways that can be very restricting for those who are close minded. Open minded peeps don’t get rocked by change, ideas and unfamiliar territories. They’re more likely to do what it takes to achieve their goals, respond well to constructive criticism and question their own beliefs, growing as a result. An open minded person is more focused on listening than speaking, is aware they could…

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The Four Agreements

Lately I have really been getting into listening to audio books and podcasts while I’m driving or walking. I love to read but these days it can be a challenge to fit it in to a busy day so audio books are a great way to “read” a book. One of my favourites at the moment is The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz. The Four Agreements are Toltec Wisdom and if we all were to live by these agreements, life…

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