Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice


Life is full of Negative Nancy’s isn’t it?


Peeps who are always willing to dish out their “expert” opinion on how you should live your life.


Reflect on who you’re surrounded by in life at the moment; are they helping or hindering you?


Do they support you in your goals or do they cock-block you?


Over the years I’ve diligently decluttered the critical shitheads from my life and now I’m in a space where nobody in my closest tribe are critical life sucking vampires.


Now I’m free from their bullshit i can reflect back on times where I’ve been criticised or given an opinion on how I should be behaving or living my life.


And I realise I don’t respect their opinion at all – perhaps I was tempted at the time when they were a friend or partner, but not anymore.


Think about the advice or opinion someone is trying to give you – are they qualified to give it?


If they’re trying to offer advice on how to run your business, do they have experience in running their own biz? If they do, is/was it successful?


If they’re telling you what you should be doing in their relationship, do they themselves have a successful relationship?


Are they dishing out financial advice but they’re a broke mo fo?


Why take criticism from someone you wouldn’t go to for advice?


Would you learn how to drive a car from someone who’s never had a licence?


When we learn to not take criticism personally from people we don’t respect life gets way more fun.


Something to think about.


Catcha on the flip side, free from critical fuckwits.


Peace out,









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