When will you eat the frog?



🫠 Are you a mahoosive procrastinator?


There’s a really great analogy I like to use with my clients who often find themselves procrastinating.


🐸Imagine if you had to eat a frog every single day of your life.


You absolutely HAD to, no getting out of it at all.


🤯Would you go all day long, procrastinating on eating the frog, worrying about it, thinking about it all day long and finally eating it at bedtime?


Imagine how much of your thoughts and energy that would take out of your day.



Now imagine that you just strap on your big girl/boy pants and just GET IT DONE.




Get it over and done with.


That way, it’s out of the way, you’ve kicked off your day with the most challenging job you have to do and you’ve freed up your energy for the rest of your day.


Whatever task in your day it is you’re putting off while you instead fill your day with less meaningful tasks, this is you putting off eating the frog first.


Each day, decide what your frog is.


Then eat that frog as soon as you can.


🐸 What’s your frog today?


Have you eaten it yet?


Eat the frog like the badass you really are💪🏻


Put some BBQ sauce on it to make it easier to swallow.


As always, if you want help figuring out how to get better at eating frogs, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side, where we eat those frogs straight away.









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