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How many times have you taken the dog for a walk, got home and not really been able to recount what you saw on your walk, or you only noticed the things you usually look for; the neighbor Tom was out, the sky was blue or over cast, Polly’s roses were still in full bloom, or maybe you critiqued the neighbourhood; the lack of attention to the lawn at number 33, the state of the carport at number 72!

Yesterday I decided to conduct a bit of an experiment to pay full attention to how many different colours I saw as I strolled along and to reflect on those colours and their properties as I saw them. I was dedicated to being in the present moment and my surroundings and did not allow myself to go into my own head or thoughts.

By the time I got home I felt so energised and positive and I knew that there had definitely been a shift in my energy field. I knew I could never remember all of the colours I had just seen even in this small circuit. That’s just how many colours are all around us. The green trees, the pink roses, the red hibiscus, the silver street lamp, the grey paving, the black bitumen, the blue sky, the white cloud, the turquoise hotted up Commodore, the brown bark, the white and yellow jasmine, the purple lavender, the orange and indigo bird of paradise flower, the list goes on and on. Then I started to notice the different shades and tints and hues of each of those colours. I did not feel like I was in the same place I go every day, I was like Alice in Wonderland!

To reflect on the fact that each and every colour has its own positive and negative properties and that coming into contact with these colours, be it visually or physically, impacts me in both positive and negative ways (depending on my vibration or state of mind) really created a bigger awareness of myself and my surroundings than I had experienced before.

I had literally stepped outside and into a fairy tale of colour, vibration and healing, all there for me to enjoy. As I ‘allowed’ myself to feel the power and strength of the red hibiscus then the nurturing tenderness of the pink rose, I quickly moved into a feeling of acceptance, grounding, love and self-worth as I looked up into the green tree tops then back down to the abundance of orange in the bird of paradise flower. The trip was endless and continuous and I was bewildered with happiness and smiling like a Cheshire cat!

Could healing my mundane woes be this simple? Is all it took opening my eyes to the truth that is all around me? Well I’m here to tell you that yes, it is! It’s there and nature has given us a gift like no other.

Some of you may already be aware of colour therapy and have experienced its amazing benefits, others may have not known that colour can and does heal and was used by ancients through to our modern day world to clear unbalanced energies that lay in our etheric plane (where thought vibrations live) around our bodies that ultimately manifest into physical ailments, as well as help shift stagnant and unhealthy vibrations from our existing physical being.

Colour is a vibration or frequency. Sound is also a frequency. Humans are only able to see colours within the visible light spectrum as other frequencies are beyond our visibility. Every colour therefore has its own sound, and every colour has its own smell, for we know that smell too is based on vibration and how our brain converts these vibrations into smells. Everything is vibration.


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And therefore, as vibrational beings, we sometimes get out of whack and our vibrations in our central energy system – the chakra system – get unbalanced. Each chakra has a colour and vibrates at a different speed to each other and we can help rebalance these vibrations by using colour around us in nature or with colour therapy tools and healings by trained colour therapists, with solarised water, colour meditations and visualisations, and more.


This world is huge, it’s colourful and it’s crazy but colour is there for us every day, in every way to help us step out of our heads and look from our hearts with the utmost gratitude and thanks, without ego and with the intention to give love and receive love. I dare you to trip the light (get it…) fantastic and learn all you can about how you can, quite simply, change your life.

More about Mandy Milburn

Mandy Milburn is the creator of In2ition, a qualified Colour Therapy Consultant, Crystal Healing Practitioner, qualified EFT Level 1, Reiki II, creator of natural skin care qualified by Mike Harmon UK and a follower of the Tao, child of the universe. Mandy uses her colour and energy expertise to bring about positive change in people’s lives. She is passionate and driven in bringing more awareness to people about the healing and life changing, positive effects of colour and vibration.
In2ition provides colour analysis and colour healing and consultancy on the use of colour to achieve balance, health and happiness. In2ition will also be conducting ‘Gatherings’ on colour, raw food and food therapy, as well as providing colour consultancy for the corporate sector. Sessions will be designed for adults and for children. Children are the future – if it’s good enough for us, then they deserve it more.
Mandy’s fresh, innovative approach offers a vivacious and unique vision to communicate an ancient healing art, which she hopes will help many people throughout the world to improve and transform their lives, change their outlook once and for all, and most importantly, have fun!

Find out more about In2ition products and services by visiting www.myin2ition.com.au or visit her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myin2ition. She would ‘LIKE’ to have you on board!

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More on Identity Colour Analysis here.

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