Happy Garbage Eve!


I was listening to the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin yesterday about finding something unconventional to celebrate.


One of her listeners sent in a message saying they grew up with their dad turning bin day, a chore most people find boring and a hassle, into something to celebrate.


Each night before bin day would be called Garbage Eve in their house.


They would wish each other “happy Garbage Eve” and as a result they’d happily take the bins out.


The kids in this family grew up to have their own families and continued the tradition.


They also told others they knew.


She said she started at a yoga class which fell on Garbage Eve, told her class mates, and they’d all wish each other a happy Garbage Eve when leaving.


They’d even receive texts from each other when classes were cancelled wishing them a happy Garbage Eve 🙂


How cool is that!!


It got me thinking – what seemingly mundane chores or tasks that seem like a hassle can be reframed to make them something to be celebrated?


After all, how lucky are we to have used so many things to bring us joy that we end up having to employ people to take the rubbish away every week?!


What can you turn into a celebration, a fiesta?


I’d love to hear your ideas, let’s all celebrate life together!


If it’s your bin day tomorrow, I wish you a happy Garbage Eve!


Check out the podcast here.


Catcha on the flip side, where everything in life is a celebration,

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