“Can I manifest the gender of my baby?”

IMG_8675Happy Monday all!

Hope all is fine and dandy in your world 🙂

Recently I sent out an “ask me anything” email to my subscribers.

One lovely lady asked me if it’s possible to utilise the Law of Attraction to manifest a specific gender for your baby if you’re pregnant. She had been using certain manifesting tools but found other people telling her what she didn’t want to hear, which led to doubts about whether she could manifest her wish.

Here’s my answer:

“The answer is that other people’s thoughts can only change things for you if you allow them to – by that I mean that the most important thing in creating your own life is your own thoughts. When we 100% focus on what we want and have a firm believe that it will manifest then we have unshakable belief. 

But if you already have doubts there or limiting beliefs (which can be worked through) then what others say can affect your belief in what will manifest, and that in turn can change the outcome.

However, it’s also really important when you’re manifesting to also set the intention for whatever outcome you’re looking for IF its in your highest good – so I like to say “this or something better.” “

When it comes to using the Law of Attraction, it’s also super important to utilise the Law of Detachment alongside it. When we want a specific outcome so badly, we are totally attached to the outcome. The energy of this attachment can mean we are coming from a place of lack, when we feel that if we don’t get the thing we are trying to manifest, we will be sad about the outcome.

Trying to manifest from this kind of energy is way less likely to work.

A while ago I wrote a whole blog on this very issue, and created a guided visualisation to go along with it.

Check it out here!

If you are able to detach from the outcome and focus instead on creating for your highest good, then you are more likely to receive what you are trying to manifest – this, or something better!

It’s the Law 🙂

Post any comments or questions below gorgeous soul!

Catcha on the flip side 🙂



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