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Testimonial: “Hi Carly – I just wanted to tell you that I downloaded your Guided Detachment Visualization.  It is really an amazing guided detachment visualization – I was able to get into my safe place really quickly and I got so much out of it – I felt really safe – supported and guided to release my detachment to my goal.  Well worth purchasing and I will continue to use this at the moment on a daily basis. Thank you” ~ Karen O Queensland Australia


I created the first in this guided visualisation series as I was noticing a lot of “attachment” to outcomes when clients were focusing on manifesting what they wanted. Through the nature of being emotionally attached to outcomes, there is still a lot of resistance in getting it because there is still a focus on the lack, of the not having that thing they want. In that case, the individual has not fully surrendered their manifesting to the Universe, i.e. they don’t fully trust that it will be delivered to them. When you are able to release the resistance and surrender your wish to the Universe, opportunities open up and you open to receive that which you want at a faster rate. This is the nature of the Law of Detachment as outlined in my video.


This guided visualisation is designed to assist you in surrendering your wish to the Universe so it can be propelled towards you at a faster rate. Enjoy!


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