Be like a buffalo when facing a storm


I was listening to a Matthew Hussey podcast this week and he was interviewing an expert on grief and heartbreak. ❤️‍🩹 

This expert was the only grief expert who has also studied buffalo. 🦬 

What he noticed was that when a storm is approaching, buffalo will head towards the storm instead of away from it. 🌧️ 



By doing this, they face the challenge head on and don’t prolong any potential suffering. 

He likened this to how we humans tend to do the opposite of this when faced with grief and challenging emotions. 😥

The quickest way to process any kind of emotional pain is to face it head on.

Walk towards it. 

Sit with it for as long as you need.

Have an ugly cry, punch a pillow, scream… do whatever your body needs to do to move through the grief.

By doing this, you’re allowing your body to process the trauma instead of repressing it, only to be brought up again later when you get triggered.

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Catcha on the flip side,

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