From rage and shame to core wound expert and sacred scream queen



Join my chat with my great friend of over 20 years, Tina Eloise, sharing her journey from Surviving to Thriving.

Tina Eloise is an international feminine embodiment and liberation mentor She is the creator of The Sacred Scream Ceremony & Somatic Shadow Work which is a powerful modality using the body and expression to heal and create the life you want.

Over the past 10 years Tina has gone from being a Reiki Healer riddled with horrific childhood trauma, rage and shame to becoming a renowned core wound expert & helping 1000’s of women across the globe to become empowered & liberated throughout their lives so they experience pleasure in all forms.

She uses a unique blend of psychological, emotional, somatic, spiritual & energetic modalities that she has learned and used on her self to create massive changes not only in her life but also in the lives of her clients and students.

Tina is a keen tantric and master energy healer, she is a firm believer that the key to healing and expansion is through the body and self expression.

As an overweight, post-menopausal, neuro diverse, potty mouthed cockney witch, that was always told she was to much or felt she was not enough, Tina is here to help women rewrite the script on what is means to be a sxy and successful woman.

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