What’s this thing called life all about?

“Remember that what you are seeking is also seeking you”

As a 15 year old, I used to completely do my own head in pondering philosophical questions.

Why are we here?

What happens when we die?

I used to sit there and try and imagine what happens when we die – I couldn’t imagine not existing anymore, so what happens instead?

Never not existing?

Combine those thoughts with hormones.


I knew what I saw around me wasn’t all there was.

What I saw was you go to school, get good grades. Go to Uni, get good grades.

Work in a job that you hate for the rest of your life and pay your taxes.

Find a partner who can put up with your shit for long enough they’ll want to marry you and make babies with you.

Deep down I felt this weird longing feeling, and knew there’s more to life than “normal” stuff.

But nobody around me seemed to be talking about it; nobody around me was spiritual or into personal development (not that I had a clue what that even was back then).

So I got into Psychology and Philosophy at school to try and find some answers.

While Psychology was a natural fit for me, Philosophy at that age did my head in even more.

I felt like you could have a theory and if you waffled bollocks about it for long enough then you could get an A in an essay about it, but I still got no answers out of it.

And then I met a bunch of friends in London at 21 who I consider my soul family.

I finally discovered people who questioned life like I did.

They introduced me to personal development, energy work, body wisdom and all kinds of other cool shit.

I stopped questioning life in the way I used to; instead of it doing my head in, I became curious.

17 years into this personal development journey, I still don’t have any answers.

But the questions have become a lot more fun.

And the realisations and reflections I have about life, myself and people keep life interesting.

I still ponder a lot. Every day in fact.

Maybe I’ll figure it all out someday 🙂

What deep n meaningful questions do you ponder?

I’d love to hear them.

Catcha on the flip side,

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