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From suicidal “Tough Tits Tine” to thriving as a core wound expert

  When we met around 2012, Tina and I hit it off massively as friends.    Back then, she was working in hospitality, drinking and taking drugs regularly to block out her childhood.    Many years later when we were working in sessions together with coaching and healing, her past trauma hit her like a freight train.     She realised she was running the unconscious programming that she was “disgusting” which had led to many years of projecting a…

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Trauma is the gateway

  I saw a very thought provoking quote by Russell Brand (love him) the other day that is so true.   “Cannabis isn’t a gateway drug. Alcohol isn’t a gateway drug. Nicotine isn’t a gateway drug. Caffeine isn’t a gateway drug.   Trauma is the gateway. Childhood abuse is the gateway. Molestation is the gateway. Neglect is the gateway.   Drug abuse, violent behaviour, hyper sexuality and self-harm are often the symptoms (not the cause) of much bigger issues. And…

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We are all just trying to fill our unmet needs

I work with clients from all kinds of backgrounds. With a lot of people that have had the kind of upbringing most people would prefer to not know was possible. Drug addicts. The homeless. People with a hectic criminal record. Something they all have in common is that no matter how broken they seem to society, they are all survivors. Survivors of abuse of all kinds.Survivors of self-harm and suicide attempts. Survivors of neglect and lives without love. They are…

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