Prune your dying branches

Fruit only grows on new wood.

To encourage a tree to grow, we prune them. 

Along with that death, comes rebirth.

It’s kinda the same for us, isn’t it?

“Remember that growth always involves some pruning”

Loss and a death whether literal or not, is always painful, but it’s also a growth opportunity.

The death of an identity gives you a blank slate to work from.

The end of a relationship brings with it future love.

There is no better way to encourage growth than by some good ruthless pruning.

“There is no true loss in authentic growth, only the natural process of letting go, outgrowing, pruning.

The call of the next level requires it. 

Those who resist the connective opportunities that life brings to grow to their next level, never reach the mental maturity height to acquire it…even when they think they are on the path, their gap in understanding leaves them stuck where they left off, usually on a deadmilled-treadmill.” ~ Tracey Bond

If we choose to fully surrender to the loss we experience, it brings with it newness.

We can either go through it, or we can grow through it.

Yes, it’s painful. Sometimes it’s so painful you want to quit life.

Trust that there is an incredible breakthrough on the other side of that pain.

Go with it.


You’ve got this, you’re a badass.

Catcha on the flip side,

Coach Carly xx


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