Stop telling yourself who you’re supposed to be, or you’ll never find out who you really are


We live in a world full of labels and stereotypes.

Usually when I meet someone one of the first questions is “what do you do?”

Like what you do defines who you are.

I’m more interested in WHO you are, not what you do.

When you ask that question instead, a lot of people struggle to answer.

Who am I without labelling myself in the way I do?

When you strip off the labels and get nekkid, how do you define your true, authentic self?

When you think about it, most of us are kids at heart trying our best at this adulting bollocks.

Are you living, and loving, your life based on who YOU are, being your badass authentic self?

Or are you defining yourself based on who you think you should be?

Pause and reflect on this today.

Work daily to become more of the sparkly unicorn you are.

Because YOU are a badass.

Catch yo badass self on the flip side,


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