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Think you had a normal childhood?

Hey legends Think you had a normal childhood? I ask clients several times a week to describe their childhood and most of them say it was “normal” until we do a deeper dive. Watch this video to discover my own learnings of what I thought was my own “normal” childhood and how it affected me later in life. I’d love to hear your thoughts and reflections of anything that resonates for you after watching this video ~ what do you…

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The ups + downs of chronic pain

    This is me, Thursday night just gone, in massive pain and laying on hot water bottles.    I’ve had chronic pain for about the last nine or ten years after I wrote off my motorbike and landed on my head.   Didn’t know for the first seven years that it was a bulging disc in my neck causing issues as my main symptom was neck and shoulder pain.    Started getting a mad headache on Wednesday which by…

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I want coaching but I don’t have any money

  Every now and again I get a message that goes something like this:   “I want coaching/Reiki/to learn Reiki/to change my life, but I don’t have any money.”   This immediately tells me something really important about that person.   They aren’t truly committed to making the changes they say they want in their life.   I know straight away this person is hoping to get something for nothing, and I also know I could give them a tonne…

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What did you fail at today?

  I can’t remember which podcast I heard it on or who was talking about it, but I loved it when I heard it.   I’ve always loved the question “what are you grateful for today?” – it’s a great question to ask yourself and your loved ones daily.   This was being talked about on a podcast I was listening to, and the guy being interviewed said he’d also ask his kids each night at dinner “what did you…

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What challenge can you set for yourself this year?

    2020 is done.   Many are glad to see the back of last year.   Is your 2021 off to a strong start?   Last year, I set myself a challenge to use my brain in a way I never had before (not willingly, anyway), and have started 2021 really enjoying my brain training.   I’ve always been naturally good with people, but when it comes to things like maths, numbers etc my brain farts it’s way through…

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