The only one who can make you happy is you

“Stop giving someone else the job of making you happy” – The Universe

If you were to rate your general happiness levels out of 10, what score would you give yourself?

We tend to put our happiness in the hands of external forces.

We’ll be happy when we meet the love of our life. We’ll be happy when we’re out of debt. We’ll be happy when we get a new job.

We also put the reasons for our unhappiness in the hands of others – we blame our job, our partner, our kids, the situations we find ourselves in, for feeling unhappy.

News flash – the only person who is truly responsible for your happiness, is YOU.

If you have a roof over your head and food on your table you’re in amongst the top 1% of the worlds most wealthy.

And yet most of us fail to see how wealthy we truly are. I’m not just talking money, I’m talking abundance in general.

What creates happiness?

Some of the worlds poorest people, who don’t know where their next meal is coming from, are also far happier than most people in the modern world.

Happiness comes from within – not without.

How can you change your perception of your circumstances?

How can you switch from having an attitude about how much there is to be unhappy about, to having an attitude of gratitude?

Being grateful for what you have is a great way to increase your happiness levels.

Write a list of 10 or more things you’re grateful for right now.

There’s always something to be grateful for.

Another great way to up your happiness levels is to stop complaining. Stop with the negative talk, the negative thinking and whinging to those around you.

Catch yourself out today and reframe any complaints you might have into a challenge that can be overcome or learned from.

Then reflect on what it is about your life that you think is creating unhappiness.

Nothing, no event or person, can “make” you feel anything.

Life happens, and we can choose how we feel about it.

If there truly are people or things in your life that are toxic for you, then either take steps to change it, or change your mindset around it.

What can you do today to increase your happiness levels?

Catcha on the flip side,


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