Manifesting, Money mindset + Clearing debt


Manifesting, Money Mindset and Clearing Debt are things not often talked about in the entrepreneur world.


Join me as I chat to my friend Tracey Lee Cook on her channel The Podcast Empire, sharing my insights into how I pulled myself out of debt + manifested more abundance info my life.


I have a 2-hour workshop coming up on 28 October 2023 packed full of helpful tips to get a reality check on what may be keeping you stuck in your money story, how to clear not only the debt but the limiting beliefs behind them + how to manifest a shit load of abundance!


Saturday October 28th 10am to 12pm AWST ~ Join here.  


Check out our super informative episode here where we deeply explore money, manifesting and clearing debt techniques. 


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Watch our chat on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/QMQMEdKfdMs?si=5j6EifS0l4KFEqr0


Catcha on the flip side, where money comes easily and effortlessly 🙂


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