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How to deal with the negative, critical life suckers in your life

  Recently I had someone ask me how they could better deal with people in their life who were being negative and critical.  Been there, got the t shirt! Negative peeps are like crabs. If you go crab collecting with a bucket at the beach, once it’s full the crab at the top should be able to climb out ~ except it can’t, because all the other f@ckers below it keep dragging it down and ripping its legs off.  Don’t…

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5 quick and easy things to do to snap yourself out of a funk

It doesn’t matter who you are or how positive and optimistic you are, we all have those times when we get in a bit of a funk. Here are some of my go-to strategies when I’m feeling a bit off that you might like to try out next time you need to snap yourself out of a hole.   EFT Emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, is an amazing tool for getting yourself out of a sh*tty headspace. You…

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