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What did you fail at today?

  I can’t remember which podcast I heard it on or who was talking about it, but I loved it when I heard it.   I’ve always loved the question “what are you grateful for today?” – it’s a great question to ask yourself and your loved ones daily.   This was being talked about on a podcast I was listening to, and the guy being interviewed said he’d also ask his kids each night at dinner “what did you…

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All or something

  Are you an “all or nothing” kinda person? I used to be. But the “all or nothingness” leads to extremism and then not really getting to your goals in the most effective way. Life is messy, humans are messy, nobody is perfect. We are all driven by our limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” which kicks in hard when we feel like we are failing. Show up anyway. You can smash out the best week/month ever with…

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Always be failing forward

Let’s face it – life is a series of failures. How do you feel when you look back on your past “failures?” I say that in quotation marks because I don’t really believe that anything is a failure if you choose to look at it in the right way. Failure isn’t fatal. In fact we need failures because they help to challenge us, growing us into a stronger person armed with more knowledge about what to do better next time. So…

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