Manifesting Magic ~ Celebrate Your Wins! 🍾


My Top Tip for Manifesting Magic ~ celebrate your successes! 

I’ve shared this with a few coaching clients lately.

Whenever you achieve a goal, have a winning lottery ticket or something extra awesome happens, pop a bottle of bubbly. 🍾 

For those non drinkers it can be any bottle, non alcoholic ~ but the act of popping the cork feels like a celebration. 🎉 

Pop some bubbles for big wins, writing the date and a word that represents what the win was on the cork & keeping it in a nice jar. 

Also chuck in any winning lotto tickets no matter how small, and anything else that counts like business class tickets or concert tickets.

When you celebrate your wins & show gratitude for them no matter how small, more of them will come your way. 🫶🏻

At the end of the year, empty your jar and celebrate your wins all over again!!

Enjoy ☺️ 


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