The rise of the Mumpreneur

young-mother-working-baby-laptop-24246947A couple of weeks ago on my trip home to London, I was invited by my sister-in-law to her weekly Wednesday rendezvous with a group of other mums who are running their own businesses – the mumpreneurs.

I was chuffed to attend this meeting as, being a step-mumma I thought it would be great to see how other mums manage to work their business around their families. In particular, my sister-in-law had my nephew less than a year ago and he is a right little munchkin – he’s just learning to walk so is a handful.

Balancing work life with a family is a tough gig. Balancing a brand new family with a brand new business is an even tougher gig. So it’s really important to recruit people into your life who can help you stay on track with your goals, keep you focused and motivated, and most importantly to encourage you to dream big in your business. More and more women are choosing to stay at home with their bubba’s rather than return back to work for a number of reasons, including the rising costs of childcare, greater accessibility to the internet and home-based web businesses, and just a general desire to want to dedicate more time to their families.

There are always people in life who are too scared to dream big and leap out of their comfort zone. For this reason, they are happy to make comments which are apparently aimed at “bringing you back down to reality” but are actually just their own fears. I liken this to taking a bucket down to the beach to collect crabs – after a while when the bucket is full, the crab at the top could in theory crawl out of the bucket – but all the others underneath it will keep dragging it back down. Don’t let anyone drag you down and kill your dreams! Surround yourself with like minded people and it will be easier to stay focused on your end goal. And it always helps to hire a coach or mentor to have someone to be accountable to.

There are loads of amazing resources out their for mumma’s who are after the same goal – to work from home on their own business with the goal of spending more quality time with their bubba’s. Check out some of the following links or connect with a local group near you by using a website such as Meetup.






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