How the vaccine may be affecting your energy field




A little while ago, I wrote a blog talking about what I’d noticed in peoples energy fields over the previous four years leading up to the pandemic, and what I noticed happened during lockdown.


Things have changed again in my clients energy fiends since people started getting the COVID vaccine.


Please know, I’m not necessarily pro or anti anything but I am pro individual choice.


I think it’s so sad that families and friends have cut each other off due to their individual choices.


There are many people out there who willingly got it.


There are many who were coerced into getting it, due to threats of losing their jobs or not being able to travel to finally see their family.


And there are many who decided there was no way they’d get it.


No matter which category you fall into, the introduction of the vaccine has affected you in some way.


During lockdown, I’d noticed peoples energy fields were starting to open up again, despite what was happening globally.


A lot of people changed their plans for the future in a positive way.


But what I noticed when people started getting vaccine, was that all their energy fields shut down even more than they were before.


Some have been extremely affected in their physical body and mental health too.


Earlier this year, I learned a healing technique that corrects the damage done to the energy field.


It doesn’t change the potential benefits of having had the vaccine but it corrects the damage done to alleviate physical symptoms.


I’ve done a few of these clearings now and the results are remarkable.


If you, or someone you know, is affected by having had the vaccine please get in touch directly to find out more.


We’re all in this together, be kind to each other.


As always, if you want a guide on your journey, drop me a message and let’s chat about how coaching and/or energy work can help.


Catcha on the flip side,









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