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Are you a boiling frog?

    Often I work with my coaching clients around situations that don’t serve them, and are making them completely miserable.   They’ve usually been in the situation they’re in for a considerable period of time.   The situation they’re in never starts how it ends.   Take the example of an abusive relationship.   If an abusive relationship began how it ends up, you’d never find yourself in that relationship.   It starts with subtle things at first –…

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Change two or three habits a year and change your life

Life gets in the way of us achieving our well-intended goals sometimes, doesn’t it. We start out the year thinking I’ll quit smoking this year, I’ll lose that weight I’ve been wanting to lose, I’ll eat better, I’ll stop drinking as much, I’ll take care of myself more and so on and on it goes. Imagine though, that if you changed two or three of your less desirable habits a year. Even if you changed one a year – one…

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