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How would you feel if your kid was dating you?

    No, I don’t mean you actually dating your kid.   When I coach my clients around relationship issues, I find a really good question to ask is whether they’d be happy if their kid (or sibling or someone else they love) was in a relationship similar to their own.   It’s a confronting question and one that generates an immediate response.   We can fart-arse around any other question and smooth things over in our minds about our…

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Why compromise when you can harmonise?

Recently I was chatting to a coaching client about some of the difficulties she’s facing in her relationship. She mentioned that she and her partner were having to compromise on certain things. compromise ˈkɒmprəmʌɪz/ noun 1. an agreement or settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions. “Eventually they reached a compromise.” 2. the expedient acceptance of standards that are lower than is desirable. “Sexism should be tackled without compromise” The nature of compromising often leads…

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The 5 love languages

This week I seem to be talking to a lot of my coaching clients about issues within their relationships. My first port of call when discussing relationship challenges is to look at the 5 love languages. This is an amazing relationship book written by Gary Chapman, where he states that each of us tend to have a preferred way of communicating our love. A blog I wrote in the past discusses the nature of Transactional Analysis in relationships where, in conflict…

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