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Let’s stop with the small talk

I was watching this great Ted Talk on YouTube the other day where Kalina Silverman describes how she started her Big Talk project. She talks about how life is so much more interesting when we skip the small talk. This is something I’ve always felt too; surface level bullshit conversations do absolutely nothing for me. Nada. You’re more likely to find me in having a deep and meaningful with someone, usually about their biggest challenge. My friends in London used…

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One of the best questions you can ever ask yourself

I was chatting to a Reiki client the other day about some relationship and work issues he was having. I asked him a question that I ask a lot of my clients, and ask myself a lot, which I believe is actually one of the best questions you could ever ask yourself. I recorded this video where I spoke about it, check it out on YouTube here: “If I was truly honouring myself, what would I not be putting up with?…

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