You are not your story

snooki says

This is my bulldog Snooki. Most of the time she spends her day snoring, farting, eating or snuggling up to me. Occasionally she comes out with some pearls of wisdom. Today, Snooki says:

“Don’t become your story.”

She is so right!

How often do we get “stuck” in our story, being all “woe-is-me” about it and playing the victim or the martyr. Don’t let yourself become your story. Your story doesn’t define you – you create your own story and if you’re story is shitty right now then ask yourself what you can do to change it.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cute or sexy about you when you are in victim mode. Some people live permanently in a state of being the victim, and find themselves stuck in their story. They may occasionally make steps forward, but for the most part they actually get a kick out of being in victim mode – it gets them attention, no matter whether it’s good or bad.

But seriously, who has time for this amount of drama in their lives?!


Is this how you want to live your life? Or do you want to change this mentality and live a great life?

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