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5 quick and easy things to do to snap yourself out of a funk

It doesn’t matter who you are or how positive and optimistic you are, we all have those times when we get in a bit of a funk. Here are some of my go-to strategies when I’m feeling a bit off that you might like to try out next time you need to snap yourself out of a hole.   EFT Emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping, is an amazing tool for getting yourself out of a sh*tty headspace. You…

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The grass isn’t greener on the other side – it’s greener where you water it.

We all know the old cliché phrase, “the grass is greener on the other side” – but most of us also know that in reality it isn’t true.   This phrase originally came from an American song written in 1924 called “the grass is always greener in the other fellow’s yard” by Raymond B. Egan and Richard A. Whiting, and the chorus goes a little something like this:   The grass is always greener In the other fellow’s yard The…

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Are you feeling lost/stuck right now? Here’s what you can do about it.

  Recently I keep having a similar conversation with clients and friends – a lot of people seem to be feeling really lost or stuck right now. Watch the video here on YouTube if you can’t see it below.     Are you feeling this way at the moment too? Maybe you made a big decision a few years ago like moving to another city/country, starting a new job like working at the mines, ended a relationship… and now you’re…

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What would you do with an extra 130 hours in your year?

People so often complain that they don’t have enough time to achieve X, Y or Z. You want to start a new hobby, but you don’t have enough time. You want to learn a language, but you don’t have enough time. You’d love to exercise, but you don’t have enough time. You want to start a business on the side of your job so you can finally leave the 9-5 grind, but you don’t have enough time. What if I…

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Do you have healthy boundaries? Where are you playing the victim/rescuer in your life?

In an earlier blog, I talked about the psychological model of communication between adults, parents, and children, coined as Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne in the 1950’s. Berne suggested that each of us play “games” which are unconsciously motivated behavioural interactions, driven by our unconscious belief system. These games cause situations, or lead us to perceive a situation, as a familiar negative feeling, which then gives us more ammunition as to why our limiting beliefs about ourselves, the world and…

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10 lessons I learned from being stalked

In my early 20’s, for a period of around 5 years, I had a stalker – 2 stalkers, both women, actually. I won’t go into the details because there really is no short version to it – it’s a book-worthy story and one that sounds completely unbelievable when I vocalise it. In fact, those times when I have recounted what happened to someone, I can hear an audience cheer in the background “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” like I’m on stage at…

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