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Begin with the end in mind

  Do you have big dreams for your life?   When was the last time you took a moment to think about how you’d like your life to truly look and feel in, say, 5-10 years time?   What does your dream life look like?   Have you broken down that dream life into short term, medium term and long term goals?   So many people are coasting through life with no set direction they’re heading in.   This is…

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Surround Yourself With Positivity And Watch Your Life Change ? #toptips

Hey guys I did a Facebook Live today about my top tips to surround yourself with positivity and watch how your life changes. Watch the video here.      My tops tips to flood your brain each and every day with positivity are: Set the alarm for half an hour earlier than usual. When it goes off, plug in your headphones and listen to a meditation, affirmations, subliminal affirmations or binaural beats – I listen to all of mine on…

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How are you today?

What do you say when people ask “how you doing?” Do you say “ah, not bad”? Or do you say “fantastic thanks!” How many times a day do you get asked this question? Just a short blog today to get you to consider the words you repeat to yourself often. What we affirm to ourselves all day long can have such a huge impact on our mood. Our brain doesn’t really listen to words like “not” and “no” within affirmations,…

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Take charge of yourself and your life

“You make me so angry!” “The whole world is against me” “Can’t you see how much you’ve upset me?” “It’s her fault I’m in this mess!” Too often we blame other people for how we are feeling, instead of taking ownership of our emotions. We point the finger at others, they did this to me, it’s not my fault! What if you knew you were in full control of how you felt at all times? Because, my friend – you totally…

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