Guest blog: The Energy of Words (Part 3)


by Mandy Milburn at In2ition Australia

The Energy of Words Part II showed us how to work out the numerical value of each word. Now is the time to know what positive and negative attributes are associated with the numbers of the words you are using. Once you discover the energetic power of these words, you may feel pleased, or you may feel shocked at what you discover. Either way, these discoveries are important so that you can avoid any unintentional sabotaging of your manifestations.

Below you will find the meaning behind each number 1-9 and some key positive and negative attributes associated with these numbers. (Note, the positive and negative attributes are not 1 words, they are the characteristics of 1 words).

If you have already made a list of words you have been using you will soon identify how the power of the ”context” in which you use the word and how dramatic those differences can be.

1: The Pioneer

This number is the first physical plane number and oversees our communication skills and verbal self-expression through the ego. It is considered the only true complete number and expresses itself through our physical form. It is a driven, active energy that seeks success and it also represents new beginnings.

Positive attributes: verbal self-expression, initiate, action, ambitious, determined, pioneering.

Negative attributes: aggressive, egocentric, over-driven, self-absorbed, overachieving and single focused.

2: Supportive Guide

This is the first soul plane number and represents our dualistic nature as spirit in human form. It serves to find our balance between the two opposing sides of ourselves and is the number of intuition, sensitivity and cooperation.

Positive attributes: balance, cooperation, sensitivity, intuition, supportive, harmonious.

Negative attributes: contrast, codependent, uncertainty, submissive, passive, hypersensitive.

3: Intellectual Socialite

The first mind plane number – imaginative yet rational and analytical it represents our left brain activity. It is directly linked to the intuitive and sensitive energy of 2 and verbal expression of 1. Three is symbolised by the triangle and the mind (3), body (1) and soul (2).

Positive attributes: analytical, intelligent, humorous, social, sensitive, observant, unity, inspiring.

Negative attributes: critical, vain, grandeur, self-doubt, self-critical, over-analysing, indecisive.

4: Practical Doer

The middle physical number and the most primitive, it oversees stability and stable progress, practicality and organisation. It is considered the anchor of the physical plane and is represented by the four equal sides of a square.

Positive attributes: endurance, progress, foundation, practical, balanced, organisational, solid, stable, loyal.

Negative attributes: materialistic, impatient, addictive, instant gratification, self-absorbed.

5: Expressive Artist

The middle soul and central number symbolising the heart and emotions, it links the energies of all other numbers – the heart and soul. This number must have freedom to express itself as free flowing, spontaneous energy. The number 5 allows us to see the world through the eyes of our soul – to live from the heart.

Positive attributes: loving, sensitive, irregular, artistic, freedom seeking, adventurous, passionate, flexible.

Negative attributes: uncertainty, power hungry, dominating, bossy, withdrawn, moody.

6: Creative Visionary

The middle mind plane number linking the left (3) and right (9) brain. A number with very strong polarities and an enormous amount of creative potential, however when not in a creative state, it can slip into the very opposite – destruction.

Positive attributes: creative, visionary, certainty, balance, nurturing, peace-making, optimistic, forward-thinking.

Negative attributes: pessimistic, judgmental, critical, worrier, people-pleasing, doubtful, gossipy.

7: Truth Seeker

The most active physical plane number. It is the teaching and learning number and carries a lot of ‘doing’ energy. This number learns through, mostly hindsight, personal experiences and usually leaps into new experiences without thinking. This number is known as the self-made wise sage due to it being ruled by the learning of sacrifice and loss which creates enormous knowledge and wisdom in short time.

Positive attributes: wise, contemplative, achiever, truth-seeking, determined, hands-on.

Negative attributes: stubborn, overactive, distrustful, hesitant, skeptical, loner.

8: Wise and Independent Leader

The most active soul plane number representing wisdom and independence. This number is confident, naturally wise and assertive with great leadership energies. Whilst being loving and tender, number 8 also wishes to love and be loved which are conflicting. In turn this creates a fundamental lesson to recognise that expressing love and appreciation adds to independence rather than takes away from it.

Positive attributes: wise, confident, assertive, independent, manifesting, assured, loving.

Negative attributes: detached, selfish, greedy, dominating, bossy, attention-seeking.

9: Idealistic Humanitarian

The most active mind plane number representing the right brain. This number also combines 3 and 6 and those attributes to make up the whole energy of 9. Even though it has a very idealistic and driven nature, it seeks peace and justice.

Positive attributes: humanitarian, ambitious, responsible, justice-seeking, idealistic, unselfish.

Negative attributes: drive, opinionated, judgmental, critical, black and white, narrow-minded.


This diagram shows where the three planes of existence (Physical, Mind/Mental and Soul/Spiritual) are located in your aura.

Understanding that we are energetic beings, you can now start to understand the power of words expressed by thought or vocally, to others and to yourself.

It is when negative energy attacks our outer auric layers that we start to manifest the effects of these. Once the negative energies travel through to the physical, they manifest in emotional symptoms such as sadness, attachment, depression and ultimately these then turn into stiffness in the body and/or various illnesses including stomach disorders, irritable bowel syndrome and even cancer.

Are you now seeing how you can directly impact not only your own health and wellbeing but that of others by the thoughts and words you use?

It may take some practice to monitor your words but like Mum used to say, ”choose your words wisely”. It’s a great exercise to start with to make a note of all thoughts and words you use over a 24 hour period. You can then review this list and work out which of those you know you are using regularly in your vocabulary.

Be honest with yourself. Are you looking for positive change, or not?

From this exercise, create a list of Top Ten Words that you use, then look at replacing the ones with negative associations with positive words, for example, ”maybe” can be replaced with ”always”. If you want to really start to notice the changes in your life in a really fast way then let’s not mess around and get to it. There is no room for the ”whatever’s” or ”can’ts” or ”maybe’s”!

Practice makes perfect so do what you need to do to help yourself with this.

1. Write on Post Its or repeat the new, positive words as mantra while you breath or sit at your desk. Really start to drill them into your brain as your new way of thinking and speaking.

2. Look for support from your family and friends and be observant of the language they use too. Pass on your knowledge of what you are learning and work together on it.

3. Create some goals for yourself and get excited about it. These old negative words and thoughts have been limiting you but now it is time to fly free and achieve your hearts desires!

In Part IV I’ll give you some tips on creating personalised affirmations that REALLY work! (go to In2ition Australia to subscribe for blog updates).

More about Mandy Milburn

Mandy Milburn is the creator of In2ition. She has a Diploma in Colour Therapy and a Diploma in Meditation, she is a Crystal Healing Practitioner & Reiki Master, is qualified at Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 and is currently undergoing her Shamanic training (although she already incorporates a lot of shamanic practices in her work).

Mandy offers one on one private intuitive healing sessions in Perth and conducts Colour Me Happy workshops that empower you with the knowledge and understanding about the hidden messages in colour and how to harness the power of light and vibration for a more balanced and happier life. These workshops are packed full of information, practical exercises and art therapy.

Mandy also conducts Mindful Warrior meditation groups across Perth for teenage girls and boys (separate groups), and groups for women. These weekly groups incorporate the basic knowledge about the history of meditation and teach valuable and practical ways for meditating in every day life to manage stress, anxiety and to create a peaceful state of mindfulness. Great for teens studying and dealing with the pressures of being an adolescent today and great for women who are at the point of saying, it’s my turn and who are really looking to go within themselves and shine bright. Groups can be small and intimate with friends, or with new people to meet. Mandy’s fresh, innovative approach and her passion to share her wisdom and offer healings, offers a vivacious and unique vision to communicate ancient healing arts and she is looking forward to working with you. Find out more about In2ition products and services by visiting www.myin2ition.com.au or visit her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myin2ition. She would ‘LIKE’ to have you on board as part of the In2ition journey!

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