Guest blog: The Energy of Words (Part 2)



by Mandy Milburn at In2ition Australia

Just like an upbeat song on the radio can uplift our spirits, or a song that reminds us of something unpleasant can make us melancholy, so too can words effect us in this same melodic way. The definition of a word is only half of its power, the other half lies with its vibration. Everything in the world can be measured by numbers. By applying the universal language of numbers created by Pythagoras, we are able to convert any word to an energetic value and all things in existence use the base numbers 1-9 which form the basis of numerology, with 0 being a symbol rather than a number. Numbers are also energy at their core and each number has an energetic definition that can give great insight into not only thoughts and words, but to a person, place or thing based on the its code. The process of identifying numerical code is not based in numerology alone however and many cultures and traditions have used similar methods to convert words to numerical meanings for centuries (such as the Hebrew Gematria method whereby the value is assigned to a phrase and where numerical values are identical, it is interpreted that those phrases have some relation to each other  or bear some relation to the meaning). The below image is the Pythagorean word conversion chart based on the Latin alphabet.

Let us decode the word ”live” as an example.

L = 3, I = 9, V = 4, E = 5. By adding up these numbers we reach 21. If you reach a double digit number we must continue to add them until we result in one digit, therefore 2+1 = 3.

The individual letters/numbers are still informing us and if you do arrive at a double digit, the final number can be written as 21/3. As you are creating manifestation statements, it is good to have a thorough understanding of all the letters of the words you will be using, not just the final sum’s meaning.

It must also be remembered that there is always a positive and negative attribute to a number, like anything else in life, in order to have balance there must be a positive and negative to everything. In relation to how we interpret energetic values of words we refer to the context and how we are using the word. For example, ”I love life,” is a positive statement, whereas ”life sucks,” is not!

When we suggest that context guides us in the interpretation it is also extremely important to understand how your subconscious is treating the word. If you are using the word ”problem” in a sentence it can actually be a hindrance to a happy life if, deep down, you are attaching a negative association to it. We may think we are communicating to ourselves or others effectively by being open and honest in conversation when we we start a sentence with ”The problem is…” but in fact it doesn’t matter how calm, centered or compassionate you are being, you are associating a problem with something and of course some words, such as hate, have no positive association at all. Now is the time to be completely honest with yourself!

By responding to something with ”No problem!” you are associating positive – as long as you are being integral with your thoughts and meanings.

In Part III you will learn more about the energetic values of each of these numbers and understand how they interact. Using ”live” as our example, to ”live” from an energetic view means you can be inspirational (3), cooperative and supportive (2), leader or pioneer (1); or you can be full of self-doubt (3), codependent and egotistical (1) loner.

Certain words are categorised as contradictions. If you use ”couldn’t” instead of “could not” then you should use ”couldn’t” in creating your sums as the combined and separated words hold different vibrational values.

Do not be overwhelmed at this point. Even I had to stop for a moment and reflect on just what I say in a day and my true intentions behind those words. The main thing is you want to make a positive change and start to really manifest your hearts desires and with this new understanding you are well on your way to doing so.

I suggest you do a small exercise now and write down a couple of manifestation statements that you would usually create and work out the number/s of the statements. You may also wish to do this for your full birth name. Many people have changed their name because it just didn’t ”feel” right. This is your life song and for many, their whole life changed when they changed their name.

This will be a good exercise to identify where you might be using words that are not in sync with your intentions. It’s also a great exercise for expectant parents and potential baby names!

Part III coming next week!

More about Mandy Milburn

Mandy Milburn is the creator of In2ition. She has a Diploma in Colour Therapy and a Diploma in Meditation, she is a Crystal Healing Practitioner & Reiki Master, is qualified at Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 and is currently undergoing her Shamanic training (although she already incorporates a lot of shamanic practices in her work).

Mandy offers one on one private intuitive healing sessions in Perth and conducts Colour Me Happy workshops that empower you with the knowledge and understanding about the hidden messages in colour and how to harness the power of light and vibration for a more balanced and happier life. These workshops are packed full of information, practical exercises and art therapy.

Mandy also conducts Mindful Warrior meditation groups across Perth for teenage girls and boys (separate groups), and groups for women. These weekly groups incorporate the basic knowledge about the history of meditation and teach valuable and practical ways for meditating in every day life to manage stress, anxiety and to create a peaceful state of mindfulness. Great for teens studying and dealing with the pressures of being an adolescent today and great for women who are at the point of saying, it’s my turn and who are really looking to go within themselves and shine bright. Groups can be small and intimate with friends, or with new people to meet. Mandy’s fresh, innovative approach and her passion to share her wisdom and offer healings, offers a vivacious and unique vision to communicate ancient healing arts and she is looking forward to working with you. Find out more about In2ition products and services by visiting www.myin2ition.com.au or visit her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/myin2ition. She would ‘LIKE’ to have you on board as part of the In2ition journey!

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