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Are you really {insert critical comment about yourself here}, or are you just not working in your zone of genius?

Yesterday I was chatting to a new coaching client, and he admitted to being quite critical of himself. He would call himself disorganised, lazy and lacking in willpower and planning.  But when he was talking about doing hobbies that he was passionate about, that totally float his boat and make him feel alive, I asked him the following question: Are you disorganised, lazy, or lacking in willpower or planning when you’re doing the thing you love the most? He acknowledged…

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4 easy things to do when you’re feeling stuck

Are you feeling in resistance mode right now? By that I mean – are you feeling stuck, are you feeling angry or resentful, or any other negative emotions that are keeping you from feeling like you can move forward? I’ve definitely been there on and off for the last few weeks, brought on by dealing with annoying technical issues with my laptop and social media, but needing to get stuff done nonetheless. I was noticing that when I had to…

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