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The cultural taboo of suicide

**If you can’t see the video above, click here to watch on YouTube** I was watching a video on YouTube last week which was a Ted Talk discussing the cultural taboo’s of suicide and mental illness. It’s stuck with me ever since and so I felt the need to share some info here. Back when I was a Probation Officer in London, I would have to write pre-sentence reports and risk assessments, and I would have a drop down menu…

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My Interview On The Paradise Within Show

    Recently I was interview by Neary Heng for The Paradise Within Show. Initially we were going to talk about how I came to find my passion in life, doing what I love for my work. As we got into our conversation we found ourselves delving deeply into the subject of suicide and how I ended up coaching people through change and trauma. It became a really interesting conversation where I share a few gold nuggets about what people…

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“Suicide Reduction & Prevention, a Global Mission with Coach Carly (Australia)” {podcast interview}

Just finished being interviewed live by Robert Sharpe on the Bringing Inspiration to Earth podcast – I really enjoyed this interview!   “Suicide Reduction & Prevention, a Global Mission with Coach Carly (Australia)”   Across the globe there are countless people who are feeling depressed and suicidal on a daily basis, and struggling to beat it. In fact, many don’t, and choose to end their lives. As a result of this, so many more lives are impacted as their friends…

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3 questions to ask someone if you think they might be suicidal

3 questions to ask someone if you think they might be suicidal World Suicide Prevention Day is approaching on 10 September, which is also the same day as R U OK Day. Suicide prevention is a topic massively close to my heart, having lost a couple of friends to suicide. A few more have made attempts to take their own life and I’m so grateful they are still around. I’ve also worked with a lot of clients in the field…

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We can all be someone’s Guardian Angel. Please read and share ~x~

On 3 September  I attended the First Responders Suicide Prevention Forum in Perth, leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day next week on 10 September. The theme was One World Connected. While this isn’t my usual happy post, I posted something similar last year. This topic is a really important one and needs to be talked about openly, by everyone.  The current suicide rate is almost double the road toll – 360 deaths per year in Western Australia, almost one…

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