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From drinking as a coping tool to occasional social drinking

      One of my favourite healing techniques I’ve learned in the last year are removing energetic stress webs.   Stress webs are the result of overactive communication between the adrenals, hypothalamus and pituitary gland, causing “stress webs” to shoot out from the adrenals and wrapping around various areas of the body, keeping the body locked down in a pattern of stress.    One recent example is a client who contacted me saying she wanted to break her habit…

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Dealing with difficult behaviour

We all have moments (sometimes days or even weeks) in our lives where we seem to be dealing with people who trigger us in some way through their behaviour. Can you think of a time recently where you had to deal with someone’s challenging behaviour? I sure can! Some days (not very often luckily), I come home from a day of being faced with some seriously challenging behaviour that has triggered a negative feeling in me and honestly, I feel…

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