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Surround Yourself With Positivity And Watch Your Life Change ? #toptips

Hey guys I did a Facebook Live today about my top tips to surround yourself with positivity and watch how your life changes. Watch the video here.      My tops tips to flood your brain each and every day with positivity are: Set the alarm for half an hour earlier than usual. When it goes off, plug in your headphones and listen to a meditation, affirmations, subliminal affirmations or binaural beats – I listen to all of mine on…

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7 Day Of Daily Tips To Kick Off Your 2017 With A Bang

  Recently I did a daily Facebook live video every day for 7 days, sharing a different tip each day focused on how to kick off your 2017 in the best way possible. Check out the videos here 🙂  Tip 1 – get closure on 2016 Tip 2 – set up your day in the right way Tip 3 – wake up earlier Tip 4 – set your goals Tip 5 – do a January detox Tip 6 – drink…

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