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We can all be someone’s Guardian Angel. Please read and share ~x~

On 3 September  I attended the First Responders Suicide Prevention Forum in Perth, leading up to World Suicide Prevention Day next week on 10 September. The theme was One World Connected. While this isn’t my usual happy post, I posted something similar last year. This topic is a really important one and needs to be talked about openly, by everyone.  The current suicide rate is almost double the road toll – 360 deaths per year in Western Australia, almost one…

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Are you really ok? Please share and help save lives.

Last week I went to the Suicide Prevention Forum held in Perth, Western Australia by One Life and LifeLine. Now this isn’t my usual kind of blog and really not a whole lot to do with coaching. However, the topic of suicide is one that is extremely close to my heart and one that is not talked about anywhere near enough due to the “stigma.” To be blunt, I say fuck the stigma – it’s NOT ok to not talk…

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