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Do you like who you are?

  This isn’t a question many people consider very often but it’s an important one. Do you like who you are in general? What about the person you are (or become) around certain people? 🧐  What percentage of the time are you authentically YOU? Do you even know who your authentic self is? 🥹 I’m happy to say at this stage of my life that I like myself most of the time.  The times when I don’t like who I’m…

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Love yourself enough to let real love in

  #reflection I’m so grateful to myself. Grateful I worked so hard at working on building my sense of self worth, self love + self esteem after I let partners who didn’t deserve my love tear it to shreds.  Grateful I kept building my self love when I met Cam because I felt panicky letting his amazing kind of love in. I didn’t/couldn’t trust it at first. After 20 years of challenging relationships where I was let down over +…

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How can I love you today?

  I was listening to a podcast the other day + they were talking about how to build stronger relationships. 💪🏻    Can’t for the life of me remember who I was listening to so won’t paste the link here but the interviewee said he + his wife ask this question of each other regularly:   “How can I love you today?” 💕   I thought this was such a cool question to ask your partner, so I’ve started doing…

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Always give 100% of whatever your best is today

  Let’s face it, there are days where we don’t feel 100%.   There are days where you might feel more like 40%.   But if you can commit to giving every day your best, then you’re always showing up for yourself + those around you.   If I’m catching up with a mate + I’m only feeling 40%, they’re getting 100% of that 40% that day.   Life is full of challenges + demands.   We get tired, sore…

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Love + Loss

    I saw this beautiful piece yesterday on a friends page + she was happy for me to share this, thank you Kelly 🫶🏻   ❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹   Sometimes people walk away from love because it is so beautiful that it terrifies them. 😳    Sometimes they leave because the connection shines a bright light on their dark places and they are not ready to work them through. 🫥   Sometimes they run away because they are not developmentally prepared…

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Let’s talk about shame

    I was listening to a podcast about domestic abuse yesterday.    The woman being interviewed works in the field with survivors + training professionals.   She was sharing her experience of her own abusive relationship + the shame she felt being in one while also working in the field, as well as how it changed her work.   It brought up so many parallels for me that I wanted to share.    I never share this stuff from…

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