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Ask yourself this question today

    If that part of you who narrates your entire day, that voice in your head that talks smack about how you look, what your wearing etc, was an actual person…   An actual person who was with you allllll day long…   Narrating your entire day…. 🤗   Would you want to hang out with them? 😳     Are they your friend or more like an enemy?    Most of the time when I ask people this…

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Always give 100% of whatever your best is today

  Let’s face it, there are days where we don’t feel 100%.   There are days where you might feel more like 40%.   But if you can commit to giving every day your best, then you’re always showing up for yourself + those around you.   If I’m catching up with a mate + I’m only feeling 40%, they’re getting 100% of that 40% that day.   Life is full of challenges + demands.   We get tired, sore…

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