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Adventures in Manifesting – Soulful Relationships


For the last few years it has been a dream of mine to become a published author. This dream became a fantastic reality this year when I was offered the chance to become one of 33 amazing contributing authors in the bestselling series, Adventures in Manifesting.


This book in the series, titled Soulful Relationships, gave me the opportunity to share a very personal journey of mine, a journey which led me to realise how much time and energy I was investing in others when I really needed to focus on loving myself first.


I am so proud to be able to share my chapter with you, “fall in love with yourself first”, among such amazing and inspirational authors, including Bob Doyle from The Secret.


With contributions from over 33 authors, thought-leaders and visionaries, Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships is an intimate window into how soulful relationships have Divinely manifested in the hearts and minds of others.


Whether you wish to meet your soul mate, understand why you attracted certain people into your life, need to heal emotional pain, or want to learn how to connect on a deep soul level with your higher self. . . this book will illuminate your way.


You’ll witness how others bravely followed their hearts and busted them wide open to allow LOVE to manifest through amazingly powerful lessons. Adventures in Manifesting: Soulful Relationships will inspire you to discover your heart’s alignment, create inner-peace, and bring consciousness to the soulful relationships manifesting in your life.




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  1. Samuel Osborne

    Carly, I cannot wait to get hold of this book! No doubt it will rock because all of our catchups have been strawberry jam packed with inspirational ideas and approach to life.

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