Are you toxic?



In the last few months I have become even more aware of the toxins I am putting in my body, around my home, how to manage the toxins in our environment, and also how to protect yourself from a build up of emotional toxins. I have always been aware of it but never that bothered enough to do anything much about it, other than occasionally contemplate eating more organic food and having the occasional veggie juice.


After a few years of pretty extreme toxic build up in my body and mind stemming from enduring stress in my environment but also not being a total angel to my body, particularly with 13 years in London, I found myself increasingly prone to burnout (adrenal fatigue) due to long term stress and cortisol build up. I also tend to work in roles where I am supporting people with mental illness, serious trauma and very chaotic lifestyles which I love and it keeps me on my toes, but can be emotionally draining at times particularly if there is also stuff going on in my personal life.


So after a couple of periods of burnout (adrenal fatigue) and depression I decided to start cleansing and detoxifying my inner world and outer world. I procrastinated on this for some time until I found the little man in the shower about to spray some Exit Mould and decided enough was enough!


I launched a personal mission to start making my own skincare and cleaning products, and started a Facebook page to share recipes called DIY Divas. I became even more aware of what I was putting on my skin and the potential side effects of years worth of toxic build up. I’ve so far made my own anti-perspirant deodorant, body lotion, face oil, face spritzer, hair detangler, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, body scrub and body oil, some on my own and some with the help of my amazing friend Mandy at In2ition Australia. I have also made a few simple cleaning products at home such as non-toxic mould killer (tea tree oil is great for this!), window cleaner and surface spray. Basically anything that runs out gets replaced with something I make!!


I also became more aware of what was draining me in my environment. Could I be taking more breaks away from my desk and out in the sunshine? Are there people I associate with where it is a one-way street and I feel drained after seeing them? Clearing emotional toxins is important too – spring clean your mind, declutter any limiting beliefs through personal development and hire a life coach to help you with this – seeing a counsellor is great too for deeply buried trauma, and emotional-freedom technique and neuro-linguistic programming strategies are amazing too.


More recently I began really feeling that I needed to reset my body and a friend from London introduced me to nutritional cleansing and replenishing, which I have had amazing results with. I dropped 2 dress sizes without losing any lean muscle, felt a sense of clarity I hadn’t felt in a long time, my eyes and teeth are whiter and I have more energy and motivation than I’ve had in ages. I’m triple as productive as a result, and sleep like a log these days!


So take 5 minutes to take stock of your own life:

– where can you declutter your space?

– are there people in your life who are emotionally and mentally toxic to you?

– does your body feel fresh, youthful and full of energy or do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning?

– where can you make changes in the products you buy and the food you eat?

could you love yourself more?


If you’d like to know more about kick-starting your way to a healthier body and mind through a 30 day nutritional cleansing and replenishing program where you receive free coaching from me plus a free specially recorded guided visualisation, check out my cleansing page here.